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E-Z Way Stripper is an easy product to use and with the elimination of Methylene Chloride on of the safest on the market.


Our stripper comes in two different consistencies. The regular industrial stripper is used for flat surfaces, light coatings, dip tanks and for clean up after the Semi-Paste removes all of the coatings. 


  • Multiple layers of paint and for use on Vertical Services.

  • This product removes all layers at one time.


Starting with the thin stripper we have thickened it for use on vertical surfaces, multiple layers of paint, aircraft, auto and marine finishes. It can be sprayed on, brushed, or rolled. The thickener used in blending is a unique two part blend much like a two part paint. At the factory we blend in all the first part and just some of the second part. Then we give you more of the second part to make it thicker if desired.



Description Price Description Price
1 Gal. E-Z Way Stripper 35.95 1 Gal. E-Z Way Stripper/Semi-Paste 42.95
2 1/2 Gal. E-Z Way Stripper 74.95 2 1/2 Gal. E-Z Way Stripper/Semi-Paste 88.95
5 Gal. E-Z Way Stripper 125.95 5 Gal. E-Z Way Stripper/Semi-Paste 132.95
15 Gal. E-Z Way Stripper Call 15 Gal. E-Z Way Stripper/Semi-Paste Call
60 Gal. E-Z Way Stripper call 60 Gal. E-Z Way Stripper/Semi-Paste call
Stripping Kit 6.95 Additional Spray Bottle 3.00


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