Antique Restoration Links

This page links you to some of the information that is available on the web that we have found interesting. We do not have any way to control the information so you are on your own. Every time that we find an interesting site we will add it here so use the page as one of your resources every time you have a project. 

A great link for all information including the largest exclusive antique, art, collectible, and specialty online resource - just click below:

This is a great site, really a goldmine. Click below and use their search engine. Antiques Goldmine is an index of websites every collector can use to locate services or products of interest to the antiques industry.

First - Here is the link to the E-Z Way Dealers

Antique Restoration Training

The Training resources may contain ideas that differ from the ones that we have found to work but also have some good ideas so again you are on your own. If you find another good site or try one of the ideas presented on the site that work (or don't work) let us know and we will put it out on the links page. 

AntiqueRestorers.Com is a online community of restorers sharing ideas with each other and providing information and advice about the proper restoration and care of antiques, porcelain, furniture, glass, art, pottery, fine art, and fine art frames. (I have found this to be one of the best sites on the web for interesting information)

I found a lot of the information here very good ( Furniture Articles ) but again remember every idea might not work for you so sort out the good. Don't stop here though - search the rest of their site.

The Antique Restoration Discussion Forums is another good site if you take the trouble to read the questions and responses.

If your interest is in Antique Cars the The Guild of Automotive Restorers is a good site and the article A Layman's Guide to Restoration Part 4 was good.

The site Do it often has some good articles an one of them Time to Strip? was worth reading.

The Antique Almanac is another site with lots of information - it is touted as the "Number One reference site for beginning and intermediate collectors" And the other site by Bob Brooke is just as interesting. Pay it a visit for the ultimate enjoyment at BOB BROOKE and look for his Antique Button and other interesting and other pages - especially Business and Technology (oh well you pick what you are interested in - it was all good).

The Garden Web for lots of information that is helpful for a homeowner and for the Antique Furniture lover this part of the site is very interesting.

On the DIY site there are some good general articles on recognizing and caring for antiques. Take a look and go to the related articles at the bottom of the page.  Click Here

After you strip something like a guitar and you want to go through the daunting task of applying a French Polish  Click Here  to learn about it and how to apply it. 

Here are 30 tips on one of the sites covering care of furniture - even a tip on how to remove super glue from a table.  Click Here

Some more tips on wood finishing and repair - go to Mr. Fix-it

When you here someone say that the Antique is Queen Ann or Georgeian and wonder what they mean? Click here for the times and periods

Want to match a manufactures name to a date and country - Click Here

Want to go to a site that discusses Woodworking Projects.  Click Here

Here are some tips on buying and identifying Antiques. Click Here

Do you want to figure out how much your antique is worth - Kovls

Make sure that you click on the link below. Furniture Knowledge has a tips page that is great (31 tips last I checked).

How about the best site on the web for information about VARNISH - this site is awesome.

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Antique Supplies

For a site that lists books that are available on Antiques Click Here

This is a very interesting site. They have the best collection of pictures on the web. They arn't interested in selling to you but the site is great for getting ideas on the different types of antiques for each period. Eastender Restoration


Antique Dealers

Want to go to an antique show - click here for some in Southern California

Take a look at this Antique Store - One of a Kind Antiques a great site with wonderful antique items. You really get an idea of what well taken care of antiques should look like.

Here is a great link to a site that has extensive information available on antiques. Just click below:

Trojen Horse Antiques

Click below for a great place for merchants to set up shop.

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